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EP-0055-000 Switchcraft #11 1/4" Input Jack

EP-0055-000 Switchcraft #11 1/4" Input Jack

Item No.: EP-0055-000
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Switchcraft 1/4 inch mono #11 input jack. Includes nut and washer.
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Type: 0055-000
Manufacturer: Switchcraft
UPC: 645208006081
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Customer Reviews
Rating best cheap fix for your guitar
i have had many problems over the years with bad jacks that crackle, static and hum. Someone steps on my cord and it easily pops out. i've had recordings ruined by ground noise and static, and live shows where my cable comes out. a good guitar, good amp, good cable are all parts of a good signal chain, but they can all be sabotaged by a stupid cheap input jack. For only a few dollars this is one of the best investments for your guitar. whenever I buy a new guitar I automatically put a switchcraft input jack in it.
Reviewed by:  from Garden Grove, CA United States. - 6/4/2012 1:10:00 AM
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