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EP-0296-000 500K Push Push Audio Pot

EP-0296-000 500K Push Push Audio Pot

Item No.: EP-0296-000
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500K DPDT Push/Push Audio Taper Potentiometer, with Nut and Washer
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Type: 0296-000
UPC: 645208006982
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Customer Reviews
Rating owner/luthier
I installed a set of the EP-0296-000 500k push/push pot's on a customer's P.R.S. guitar,replaced the stock pickup selector switch with a switch craft 3-way switch and installed Duncan pickups...wow the 500k push/push pots allow for so many different options with pickups that have 4-con wires.... cut coils,phase switching,series/parallel,ECT...plus the push/push look's totally cool...K.J.M. MOGAN GUITARS
Reviewed by:  from INDIO CA,92203. - 7/26/2013
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