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LT-1020-000 Nut File Set

LT-1020-000 Nut File Set

Item No.: LT-1020-000
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Nut Slotting File (8 pieces) .010, .013, .017, .024, .032, .036, .046, .056"
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Type: 1020-000
UPC: 645208010866
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Customer Reviews
Rating Use Burr Life with these to make them last
These are a good quality file. I hear people complain that they chatter and skip. I use a product called "Burr Life" from the Jewelry trade on files, inlay saws, saws, Dremel burrs, and anything else that files cuts or grinds that is not made of stone. I also keep a brass wire wheel brush in the Dremel to clean files while I am using them. A set of German jointing files might be nicer or Valorbe Swiss made joint files, but those generally only go down to .020" thick and they cost $50 each wholesale for good ones. Add to that you may need two cut finishes per dimension and you are up to $1200 for a set of files. They will still wear out and thus these are not so terrible after all. I use the Japanese nut filing style as seen on old Ibanez, and Matsumoku guitars where the slot is at the angle the string heads off toward the tuning machine peg or split between that and straight. You get a lot less binding and stuff like Nut Sauce is not needed as much.
Reviewed by:  from Phoenix. - 8/13/2012 9:10:00 AM
Rating great value for the price for todays products.
I lost around $200K in tools and guitars to a burglary. These files are about average for the style they are. Jeweler's joint files work well, but expect to pay $30-$60 each. A good Swiss Pippin file is $70 each now. I expect the files to load up and keep a Dremel with a BRASS or NYLON brush in it to clean the files. My older files were harder and less springy & broke when stepped on by the thieves. So far these are wearing well. I am not upset with the quality for the price at all, but I have had better. My old ones were Swiss, German, and some UK & USA files. I still easily have $3000 in small Swiss pattern files, so the price is OK for what you get. I always preferred this style nut file not the tapered 2 in one style. The old Ibanez files were VERY nice. They are obviously Japanese too, and a great nut file! These could be a bit nicer, but at what cost??
Reviewed by:  from Phoenix, AZ United States. - 12/5/2011 7:14:00 AM
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