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LT-1041-000 Fret End Dressing File

LT-1041-000 Fret End Dressing File

Item No.: LT-1041-000
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Fret end dressing file, 6 inches long. One smoothed side prevents damage while working on frets. 1/8 inch x 1/16 inch.
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Type: 1041-000
UPC: 645208042140
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Customer Reviews
Rating Speeds fret end dressing, BUT....
Good quality file with a unique 'round over' built in which aids in shaping the correct profile of fret ends. Using a straight file you have to rotate around the radius as you stroke. With this file you simply stroke once of each side, and you've got the rough shape you're looking for. My caution is that they are not "can't Saw' files, so you must be very conscious of your finger board edge in order to keep from marring it. As with any tool their is a technique needing to be developed and executed, but I believe this file is worth altering standard technique, in order to achieve a faster, more consistent fret end dress. A lot of words for a little file I know, BUT someone obviously put an awful lot of thought into design, and someone put a tremendous amount of money into developing manufacturing tooling, so I guess I can spare a few words for a good idea and a good tool. Greg Guitars LLC
Reviewed by:  from SOUTHPORT, NC United States. - 3/29/2012 11:19:00 PM
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