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PU-6414-000 Schaller Flagship Pre-amp for Piezo Bridges

PU-6414-000 Schaller Flagship Pre-amp for Piezo Bridges

Item No.: PU-6414-000
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Schaller Flagship pre-amp with 5-way toggle for piezo bridges.
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Type: 6414-000
Manufacturer: Schaller
Model: 16010100
UPC: 645208043055
Compatible with these parts
GB-0540-P10 Schaller Nashville Piezo Chrome Tunematic Bridge
SB-0281-P10 Chrome Non-Tremolo Bridge
SB-5820-P10 Schaller Hannes Non-Tremolo Chrome Piezo Bridge
SB-5820-P16 Schaller Hannes Non-Tremolo Ruthenium Piezo Bridge
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