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SB-0290-010 Schaller Floyd Rose

SB-0290-010 Schaller Floyd Rose

Item No.: SB-0290-010
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Locking Tremolo, with Locking Nut, Chrome, String spacing 2-1/8". Mounting stud spacing 74.3mm 2-15/16" (2 119/128"). Radius 12". Nut width 1*5/8". Comes with Nickel-plated Brass block.
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Type: 0290-010
Manufacturer: Schaller
Model: 13020202
UPC: 645208015984
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Customer Reviews
Rating The choice of high quality builders
A certain factory outlet ONLY builder we all know tried several Floyd Rose Licensed products and this is what the decided was best. I agree. A real USA Floyd Rose is impossible to find, unless you want to buy 5000 at a time, and I still feel this one might just be better. Schaller has always made incredible stuff. Some of it was not the best design, but they were only the manufacturers not the designers of such rare items that were not stellar in performance. The plating wont bubble off and the workmanship is as good as it gets for this type of tremolo. Everything Schaller has been wonderful from back in the cold war era to today. This is no exception. My only complaint is the "KEY" wont fit this type, but it looks. plays and just is better. Want a Floyd, but can't afford this one? Wait another couple months and save up. Its worth it.
Reviewed by:  from Phoenix, AZ USA. - 4/11/2011 3:27:00 PM
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