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Allparts Music - Category Index
Acoustic Guitar Parts
     Acoustic Guitar Bridges
     Acoustic Nuts and Saddles
     Acoustic Pickguards
All Guitar and Bass Parts
     Bass Bridges
          4-String and Single String
          7- and 8-String
          2nd Quality Guitar Bodies
          Bass Bodies
          Replacement Bodies for Jazz Bass®
          Replacement Bodies for Precision Bass®
          Replacement Bodies for Telecaster Bass®
          Body Blanks
          Guitar Bodies
          Replacement Bodies for Jazzmaster®
          Replacement Bodies for Stratocaster®
          Replacement Bodies for Telecaster®
     Bridge Parts
          Bass Saddles
          Bridge Pins
          Covers for Fender® Basses
          Locking Saddles
          Misc. Bridge Parts
          Misc. Saddles
          Saddles for Stratocasters®
          Saddles for Telecasters®
          Saddles for Tunematics
          Tremolo Arms
          250K Pots
          500K Pots
          Battery Holders, Compartments, Accessories
          Guitar and Pickup Wire
          Guitar Capacitors, Etc.
          Guitar Switches
          Input Jacks
          Misc. Pots
          Nuts and Washers
          THD Electronics
     Fret Wire
          Hypoallergenic Frets
          Jumbo Frets
          Medium Frets
          Small Frets
          Stainless Steel Frets
     Guitar Bridges
          7 and 12 String Bridges
          Acoustic Guitar Bridges
          Banjo Bridges
          Bridges for Telecaster®
          Locking Tremolos
          Misc. Guitar Bridges
          Modern Tremolos
          Non Tremolo Guitar Bridges
          Vintage Style Tremolos
     Guitar Hardware
          Control Plates
          Miscellaneous Brackets
          Neck Plates
          Strap Buttons
          String Guides and Ferrules
     Inlays, Dots, Binding, Fretboard Materials
          Bindings and Supplies
          Fingerboards, Etc.
          Inlays and Dots
          Truss Rods and Nuts
     Knobs and Switch Tips
          0-11 Knobs
          Dice Knobs
          Metal Knobs
          Plastic Knobs
          Switch Knobs
          Wood and Horn Knobs
          Bass Necks
          Misc. Bass Necks
          Moses Graphite Bass Necks
          Officially Licensed Replacement Necks for Jazz Bass®
          Officially Licensed Replacement Necks for Precision Bass®
          Guitar Necks
          Aged Finished Guitar Necks
          Moses Graphite Guitar Necks
          Nitro Finished Necks
          Officially Licensed Replacement Necks for Jaguar®
          Officially Licensed Replacement Necks for Jazzmaster®
          Officially Licensed Replacement Necks for Stratocaster®
          Officially Licensed Replacement Necks for Telecaster®
          Paddle Head Necks
     Nuts and Saddles
          Bone Nuts
          Bone Saddles
          Brass Nuts, Roller Nuts, Extension Nuts
          Locking Nuts
          Plastic and Brass Saddles
          Plastic Nuts
          Tusq and Graphite Saddles
          Tusq, Graphite, Ebanol Nuts
          Acoustic Pickguards
          Bass Guitar Pickguards
          Pickguards for Jazz Bass®
          Pickguards for Precision Bass®
          Pickguards for Rickenbacker®
          Misc. Pickguards
          Pickguard Blanks
          Pickguards for Danelectro®
          Pickguards for Gibson®
          Pickguards for Jaguar®
          Pickguards for Jazzmaster®
          Pickguards for Mustang®
          Pickguards for Stratocaster®
          Pickguards for Telecaster®
          Tremolo Spring Covers
     Pickup Covers, Rings and Parts
          Pickup Covers
          Pickup Rings
     Pickup Winding Parts
          Bartolini Pickups
          Bass Pickups
          Gotoh Pickups
          Guitar Pickups
          Lace Pickups
          Preamps and Tone Circuits
          Razor Pickups
          Bigsby® Vibratos
          Accessories for Bisby®
          Stop Tailpieces
          Studs and Anchors
          Trapeze Tailpieces
          Tremolo Tailpieces
     Tuning Keys
          3 X 3 Tuning Keys
          6-In-Line Keys
          Banjo Tuners
          Bass Tuning Keys
          Sealed Bass Tuning Keys
          Bushings and Buttons
          Classical Guitar Tuners
          Locking 3 X 3 Tuning Keys
          Locking 6-In-Line Keys
          Mandolin Tuning Keys
          Miscellaneous Guitar Keys
          Ukulele Keys
Allparts Exclusives
     0-11 Knobs
     Batten String Damper
     Shotgun Shell Knobs
American Made Guitar Parts
Amp Parts
     Amp Electronics
     Amp Hardware
     Amp Knobs
     Amp Lights and Amp Lenses
     Amp Tubes
     Amplifier Fuses
     Misc. Amp Parts
     Pedal Parts
     Auricap Capacitors
     Bartolini Pickups
     Bigrock Engineering
     Black Bee Capacitors
     Bourns Pots
     CTS Pots
     Fender® Parts
          Fender® Accessory Kits
          Fender® Amp Parts
          Fender® Bass Bridges
          Fender® Bass Pickguards
          Fender® Bass Pickups
          Fender® Bridge Saddles
          Fender® Control Plates
          Fender® Electronics
          Fender® Guitar Bridges
          Fender® Jackplates
          Fender® Knobs
          Fender® Metal Bridge and Pickup Covers
          Fender® Neck Plates
          Fender® Nuts
          Fender® Pickup Covers
          Fender® S-1 Switch Parts
          Fender® Stratocaster® Pickguards
          Fender® Stratocaster® Pickups
          Fender® Stratocaster® Tremolos
          Fender® String Guides
          Fender® Switch Knobs
          Fender® Telecaster® Pickguards
          Fender® Telecaster® Pickups
          Fender® Tremolo Arms
          Fender® Tuning Keys
          Gretsch® Parts
          Misc. Fender® Hardware
     Floyd Rose® Style Parts
     Gibson® Factory Parts
          Gibson® Bench Spec Parts
          Gibson® Bridge Saddles
          Gibson® Bridges
          Gibson® Electronics
          Gibson® Jackplates
          Gibson® Knobs
          Gibson® Machine Heads
          Gibson® Pickguards and Brackets
          Gibson® Pickup Covers
          Gibson® Pickup Mounting Rings
          Gibson® Switchwashers, Backplates, Covers
          Gibson® Tailpieces
          Gibson® Truss Rod Covers
          Misc Gibson® Parts
          Gibson® Historic Spec Parts
          Gibson® Pickups
     Gotoh Guitar Parts
          Gotoh 510 Delta Tuners
     Graph Tech Nuts and Saddles
     Hofner Style Parts
     Joe Barden Products
     KTS Titanium Guitar Parts
     Lace Pickups
     Leo Quan Badass Bass Bridges
     Moses Graphite Necks
     Parts for Danelectro®
     Parts for Rickenbacker®
     Q-Parts® Knobs
     Razor Pickups
     Replacement Parts for Les Paul®
          Schaller Da Vinci Tuners
     Sovtek Vacuum Tubes
     Sperzel Tuning Keys
     TonePros® Factory Parts
          TonePros Guitar Bridges
          TonePros Stop Tailpiece Studs and Anchors
     Tremol-No™ Products
     Tritan Switches
     Vintage Clone
Bulk Parts
     Bridge Parts
     Bulk Fret Wire
     Input Jacks
          Bulk 250K Pots
          Bulk 500K Pots
     Switch Knobs
Colors and Materials
     Aged Finish
     Antique Silver
     Black 3-ply
     Black 5-ply
     Black Bakelite
     Black Matte
     Black Metal
     Black Plastic
     Clear Plastic
     Gold Metal
     Gold Plastic
     Hot Pink
     Mint Green
     Mother of Pearl
     Parchment 3-ply
     Pearloid Black
     Pearloid Blue
     Pearloid Cream
     Pearloid Dark Black
     Pearloid Mint Green
     Pearloid Red
     Pearloid White
     PTFE (Teflon®-like)
     Red Tortoise
     Resonant Plastic
     Satin Black
     Satin Chrome
     Satin Gold
     Snake Print
     Stainless Steel
     USA Flag
     Vintage Cream
     Vintage Tortoise
     White 3-ply
     Wooly Mammoth Ivory
Effects Pedals
Featured Products
For Fender® Jazzmaster®
For Fender® Stratocaster®
     Bridge and Pickup Covers for Stratocaster®
     Electronics for Stratocaster®
     Jack Plates for Stratocaster®
     Knobs and Switch Tips
     Locking Tremolos
     Modern Tremolos
     Neck Plates
     Non Tremolo Guitar Bridges
     Pickguards for Stratocaster®
     Replacement Bodies
     Replacement Necks for Stratocaster®
     Saddles for Stratocasters®
     Vintage Style Tremolos
For Fender® Telecaster®
     Bodies for Telecaster®
     Bridges for Telecaster®
     Electronics for Telecaster®
     Hardware for Telecaster®
     Knobs and Switch Tips for Telecaster®
     Necks for Telecaster®
     Pickguards for Telecaster®
     Saddles for Telecasters®
For Gibson® Les Paul®
     Bridges for Les Paul®
     Electronics for Les Paul®
     Hardware for Les Paul®
     Misc Parts for Les Paul®
     Nuts for Les Paul®
     Pickguards for Les Paul®
     Pickups for Les Paul®
     Tuning Keys for Les Paul®
For Gibson® SG®
Gifts for Guitarists
Instrument Case Parts
Kits and Combos
     Accessory Kits for Stratocaster®
     Pickup Winding Kits
     Wiring Kits
Left-handed Parts
Luthier Tools and Supplies
     Allen and Hex Wrenches
     Fret Files
     Glues, Cleaners, Sprays
     Miscellaneous Tools
     Nut Files
     Sanding Tools
     Truss Rod Wrenches
     Wood Carving Files
New Products
Sale and Closeout
     2nd Quality Guitar Bodies
     Bridge Part Screws
     Bridge Saddle Height Screws
     Bridge Saddle Length Screws
     Misc. and Other Screws
     Neck Plate Screws
     Pickguard Screws
     Pickup Screws and Springs
     Tuning Key Screws
T-Shirts, Picks, Strings
     Allparts Shirts and Swag
     Guitar Picks