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Welcome to Allparts' Help and FAQ - a customer resource for answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to Allparts orders and business practices.
 Backorder Information  6/18/2014  by  Allparts Help
Learn how out of stock items are processed and shipped.
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 Dealer Signup  9/1/2009  by  Allparts Help
Whether you're a one-man operation or multi-store retail chain, becoming an Allparts dealer is fast and easy...
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 Orders: Errors and Declines  9/1/2009  by  Allparts Help
Allparts uses a variety of tools to verify ownership of credit cards used on our website...
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 Orders: Minimum Amount  9/1/2009  by  Allparts Help
All orders have a minimum order amount of $10.00 USD, regardless of whether they are placed online or over the phone.
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 Payments: Methods  9/1/2009  by  Allparts Help
We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover from all customers...
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 Payments: Paypal  9/1/2009  by  Allparts Help
Allparts accepts PayPal only from international customers and under very limited conditions...
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 Return Policy  9/1/2009  by  Allparts Help
We currently offer two mutually exclusive return policies: a product-specific return policy and a general return policy...
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 Shipping Policy  9/1/2009  by  Allparts Help
Information on shipping dates and times
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 Shipping: Countries  9/1/2009  by  Allparts Help
We change our list of ship-to countries from time to time based on changes in shipping rates and foreign import requirements...
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 Shipping: Rates  9/1/2009  by  Allparts Help
We offer live shipping rates to Allparts Dealers and flat-rate shipping to retail customers...
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 Special Orders  9/1/2009  by  Allparts Help
Allparts can place orders for products direct from the manufacturer for parts we do not carry...
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