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099-2101-000 Fender® 60's Jazz Bass® Pickup

099-2101-000 Fender® 60's Jazz Bass® Pickup

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Custom Shop 60's Jazz Bass® Pickups, Set of 2.If you took the pickups from the world's best-selling bass and over-wound 'em for more punch, midrange, bass and output, then you'd have Custom Shop '60s Jazz Bass Pickups. Built with special Alnico 5 magnets and Formvar magnet wire, these babies thump and growl like nobody's business! OEM on many Custom Shop basses. Available with black covers only.Specifications:Custom '60s Jazz Bass Bridge Pickup, DC Resistance: 7.4K, Inductance 3.25Henries.Custom '60s Jazz Bass Neck Pickup, DC Resistance 7.1K, Inductance: 3.18Henries.

Note: All Fender® brand products are being discontinued by Allparts. They will not be restocked after they sell out, and special orders will not be available through Allparts.

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