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EP-4926-000 Momentary Kill Switch

EP-4926-000 Momentary Kill Switch

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Product Code:EP-4926-000

Momentary kill switch. S.P.S.T. normally-closed, momentary push-button. Press to use, release to return. 0.51" diameter red plunger, 0.74" diameter metal bezel. 0.62" diameter threaded bushing mounts in panels up to 0.15" thick. Solder lug terminals attached.

Regardless of the instrument's electronics configuration, this switch should be wired in just before the jack; it will become the second-to-last electronic part in the progression of components.


Pickups > toggle switch > pots > jack (or a similar configuration)
Pickups > toggle switch > pots > momentary kill switch > jack

It should first be grounded and then installed in the hot wire to the jack. Even though there is no terminal for grounding, you must still ground the switch. See image for wiring example.

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