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GB-0543-003 TonePros® TP6-B Bridge

GB-0543-003 TonePros® TP6-B Bridge

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Product Code:GB-0543-003
TonePros® TP6-B, Nashville Tunematic, Black, 2 1/16" String, 2 29/32" Post Spacing. Locking version of the Nashville type standard small post and threaded insert as found standard on current USA Gibson® Les Paul GT and Gibson® SG GT models. (Same format as LP Standard & LP Custom). Un-notched saddles for professional installation. Can be fit with many standard sized Piezo and & aftermarket graphite or exotic saddle materials. Direct retrofit for most USA guitars without modification.

Note to buyers outside the US: TonePros products can not be shipped outside the US. Visit www.tonepros.com to find a dealer in your country.

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