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LT-1140 GluBoost® MasterTint Color Additives

LT-1140 GluBoost® MasterTint Color Additives

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Color matching has always been a build and repair nightmare and this revolutionary new product brings users spot-on color control for any wood-based repairs and builds. MasterTint color additives work without the use of solvents and come with everything you need to make color matching simple, including 1 non-stick mixing palette and 3 mixing sticks.

Download the GluBoost PDF instructions for application tips.

MasterTint's three color set collections - Vintage, Modern, and Black and White - make color matching fast, easy and accurate, and work with all GluBoost products. Choose the color set that's right for your project:

Vintage (brown/yellow/amber)

Modern (red/yellow/blue)

Black and White (black/black/black/white)

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