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LT-4239-000 Penguin Motorized String Winder Multitool

LT-4239-000 Penguin Motorized String Winder Multitool

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Product Code:LT-4239-000
Penguin 3 in 1 motorized string winder and bridge pin remover. Slide switch controls left or right winding action. Quickly wind and unwind strings and minimize risk of damage to tuners.

Includes charger for USB and 5V DC adapter.
1 Stars
Not worth it.
I've seen a few types of these tools, so we decided to give this model a try in our repair shop. The motor is very weak. Loosening is fine, but this doesn't have enough torque to tighten classical, acoustic and most electric guitars. If all you use are Les Paul's with six .008 gauge strings, then alright -- until you go to cut the string. The string cutter won't cut. The strings (most all 1st through 3rd no matter the diameter) wedge in between the cutter. Also, the pin puller is in a terrible location; it WILL mar your bridge pins. Do yourself a favor and do not buy this machine. I hope Allparts discontinues this soon.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Stoughton, MA. on 8/29/2015
2 Stars
Neo Maxi Zoom Dweebie
THIS PARATUSS PENGUIN IS A LET-DOWN INDEED. IT'S NOT FOR PROFESSIONAL USE, THAT'S FOR SURE, BUT IT IS A GREAT IDEA THAT I ONCE TRIED TO MAKE GREAT. The Penguin is manufacturered by a Asian company I believe is called Paratuss. About 4 or 5 years ago, when the Ernie Ball Power String Winders first appeared, I saw this unit on-line somewhere and contacted Paratuss to see if they'd make a professional version with my specs. Being a pro tech (mostly behind a bench in my repair shop) since 1977 has allowed me to restring countless guitars, so I feel somewhat qualified to delve into this field. Paratuss declined as did Ernie Ball. Their mistake. While I still feel there is a need for a pro winder for those that string more guitars than you can count in a year, I've settled on using the Ryobi Tek4 HP-53L 4 volt electric screwdriver. This is a true 600 / 200 RPM rechargeable screwdriver and is for those who know what they're doing at the headstock. I use a customized winder attachment I purchased from Australia that won't marr the headstock thigh speed like the giant Planet Waves peg winder attachment or the cheapo plastic Dr. Duck with sharp corners winder does. The Ryobi is small enough to live on your bench (like the Paratuss I wanted to creat would have been), and is one of the only 600 RPM rechargeable screwdrivers on the market. 600 is the PERFECT speed for a pro.... none of this 200 RPM BS! Of course cordless drills could be used if you have one, but they are simply way too big to live on a work bench, AND customers with high-end axes do not want to see a speeding metal chuck next to their prized possession. TRUS ME ON THIS... This Ryobi works. And so does it's little brother, but it lacks a clutch. It's called a HP44L In the 4 years I've used this Ryobi, I can say with all honesty, I have not broken one string due to the winding speed. I have not damaged in the slightest any headstocks or even old crumbly tuner knobs. Although the Ryobi does not have a stepped trigger, it still delicate enough to ease a hard-to-turn tuner. Please consider it. Dean at Guitartec Repair
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Reviewed by:  from RI, USA. on 4/23/2016
5 Stars
I've got nothing but love for this thing. I'm not sure what all the negative fuss is about. It charges quickly AND greenly. It has plenty of torque and it feels great in my hand. Yeah, it's a little slower than a cordless drill but where's the fire? Slow down, take your time. My shop, String Theory Guitar Repair, is busier than Dan Quayle at a spelling bee and the "slow" speed of this is never an issue. I can't speak to the use of the built-in cutter and pin puller as I've never used them. I pre-cut strings to the proper length prior to stringing so I never have anything sharp close to the peghead that could possibly mar the finish. I use the same cutters that I use to pre-cut the string to remove bridge pins. I learned a cool technique to do this while at The Galloup School Of Lutherie that doesn't leave a mark. (Thanks Dave!) My only gripe with this tool is that if it falls to a concrete floor, it's complete toast. If you're a dealer with AllParts, the dealer cost on this is under $28. Buy one! Hell, buy TWO!
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Reviewed by:  from Mount Juliet, TN. on 7/27/2016

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