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PK-3827-010 LOKNOB® Reusable Locking Knob

PK-3827-010 LOKNOB® Reusable Locking Knob

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Product Code:PK-3827-010

One LOKNOB® locking knob. Universal fit, 3/4 inch outside diameter. Black plastic with silver colored cap. Includes locking knob, set screw, universal ring, plastic sleeve, and hex wrench.

No more tape and markers. LOKNOB is both a functional and aesthetic upgrade to your existing knobs. Its unique design, easy installation, and one handed operation allow you to PULL, TURN, and RELEASE to "LOK" in your signature settings and sounds. Lock in your tone and keep your top secret settings. Great for those who travel a lot and if other people are always handling your gear.


1) Remove existing knob and save.
2) Remove any existing washers and retaining nuts and save.
3) Look at the potentiometer shaft closely. If it is splined of D-shaped, slide the included plastic sleeve completely over the shaft. (Note: if sleeve doesn't fit snugly over the shaft, then the sleeve isn't needed.) 4) Wherever LOKNOB is placed, clean the contact surface with isopropyl alcohol. 5) Peel paper from the bottom of the universal LOKNOB ring, exposing the adhesive.


6) Center the ring around the potentiometer and press down firmly for several seconds, teeth side up. 7) Turn the potentiometer all the way to the left. 8) Hold LOKNOB with indicator line pointing to the 7:00 position. 9) Install Allen key into the set screw on the side of LOKNOB. 10) Install LOKNOB over potentiometer shaft, pressing down on center of LOKNOB while tightening the set screw. Do not overtighten the set screw.

LOKNOB is reusable. To remove, loosen the set screw, shimmy a guitar pick under the ring, and pop it off.

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