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SPH-1 Arion Stereo Phaser Effects Pedal

SPH-1 Arion Stereo Phaser Effects Pedal

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Arion's Stereo Phaser modulation pedal adds a sense of speed to your sound, and will even create spinning speaker sounds.

The Stereo Phaser SPH-1 effects pedal is an effector which, by means of its phase circuits generating the electronic phase shift, shifts the phase of original tone, mixes the signals of phase substantially from that of the original tone, and gives a sense of speed or swelling of tone.

with RES control in the Stereo Phaser from SPH-1, it will assure you an effect like a rotating loudspeaker. The stereo effect is achieved by changing over the OUT 2 / mode switch.

Arion's Stereo Phaser Effects Pedal features an easy-open battery compartment for simple 9-volt operation.

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