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VT-4981-000 Svetlana 6L6 Matched Tubes

VT-4981-000 Svetlana 6L6 Matched Tubes

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Product Code:VT-4981-000
6L6 Tubes, Matched Pair, Svetlana
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Apples with apples and new production tubes with same..........
OK This is NOT what I buy for MY Fender, but what I do buy costs 4x more. This is the second best tube for the big bottle Fender 1970s sound. The Sovtek WXT is below this and Winged C above for the STR 387 sound of a 1970s-80s CBS Fender tube. It is a better choice than the WXT Sovtek for clean Fender tone, but the top end highs are airier than the Winged C and not as chiming and bell like. The AAAA in my email address is for Applied Analog Audio Amplification. I would bet my shop has the best test equipment in a 500 mile radius of any guitar amp repair shop, with a curve tracer, distortion meter, several scopes, analyzers, and bridges, as well as 900 watts of programmable AC matching Z Audio loading which we divide to get 0 to 1800-3600 watts of load into an emulator that mimics a 4x12 Celestion or 2x12 JBL cab for linearity across the spectrum. (the most common set ups)
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Reviewed by:  from Arizona. on 10/31/2012
5 Stars
Great current production 6L6GC tube.
If you are running an amp with a high B+ voltage to the plates this is for you. The New Sensor Corp makes these and the 6L6WGB Sovtek, as well .1. Both are great, but a later model amp with higher plate voltages demands this type of tube. You can still always buy one at an online auction site NOS made in the USA for $100+ each and hope the other $100+ tube matches it. These Svetlanas match well on my equipment, which are: a WECO KS 15750 L1, or a Hickock 752, or a Triplett 3444A. I also test them for emissions on a B&K 747 Dynajet. My $1000s in equipment confirm Allparts is selling a very well matched pair, and can also do quads and sextets, or even octets for you insane people who may own one of my monster amps at 200-400 watts all tube, or even 800 watts for the truly hyper-insane.
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Reviewed by:  from Poenix, AZ . on 4/25/2011 2:55:00 AM

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