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PU-1255-000 Bartolini 5J Jazz Guitar Pickup

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Johnny Smith worked closely with Gibson to design full-bodied arch-top guitars, and we pay homage to that classic Jazz guitar sound with our own jazz pickup. The dual coil Johnny Smith (JS) humbucker gets a smooth, clear distinctive tone available with or without adjustable brackets for mounting to the end of your fretboard. The pickup body is less than 7/16” thick..


Coil Specs

  • DC Resistance: ~3.6KΩ each coil
  • Resonant Frequency: ~6.1KHz
  • Sensing Width: 1.97" [50mm] Max

Shape Details

  • 2.6" [66mm] Long
  • 1.13" [28.7mm] Wide
  • 0.43" [10.9mm] Thick + 0.11" [2.8mm] Cable
  • Adjustable brass bracket for mounting to your fingerboard

Technical Details

Coil Structure: Dual Parallel Humbucking

Cable Type: Shielded Coaxial Hot Core

Magnetic Circuit: Carbon steel and brass powered by ceramic (ferrite) magnets
projected for wide but focused field
Neck coil South and Bridge coil North