Gotoh KOGA Premium 3x3 Tuners - Steel String

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KO-GA is a traditional Japanese term meaning outstanding elegance.

The KO-GA KG02-B tuning keys from Gotoh are a premium tuner that features machined brass and stainless-steel components, eliminating any “post wiggle” issues commonly found in cast or stamped tuning machines.  The result is a tuning key made with such precision that no movable part has any room for play, giving accurate and stable tuning with every turn!  This key also utilizes Gotoh’s patented Rock-Solid Post technology, adding more stability between the string post and bass plate, maximizing tonal transfer and overall resonance! The gear and worm sleeves are coated in Gotoh's patented X-finish, helping to prevent corrosion and adding lubricity to the moving parts of the tuner. KO-GA tuners set a new standard of excellence in the world of guitar tuners and are perfect for those looking to upgrade or build a high-end instrument! 

Features and Specifications
  • MFG# KG02-B-EN
  • Orientation: 3x3 format
  • String Type:  Steel string
  • Gear Ratio: 16:1
  • String Post: Machined brass
  • Worm Gear: Stainless steel
  • Gear: Machined brass
  • Bass Plate: Machined brass
  • Button Style: Oval ebony (wood) 
  • Integrated patented Rock-Solid post technology prevents post leaning for stable tuning
  • X-Finish on gear and worm sleeves protect against corrosion and offers lubrication to moving parts

About Gotoh

GOTOH began manufacturing stringed instrument parts in 1960 and is the only domestic machine head manufacturer in Japan.  Leveraging over 50 years of production knowledge, technological advances and a commitment to ever-improving quality, Gotoh has earned the trust of professional musicians and instrument manufacturers worldwide.  Allparts is proud to offer premium Gotoh products and to serve as the industry’s home of “premium tools for tone!”