Collection: GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation

Allparts is committed to full compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective 2018, May 25. The policy statements below detail our efforts to protect our users' personal information accordingly. This policy is as an addendum to our existing privacy policy and it pertains to residents of the European Union only.

We do not run advertisements on, so user information is never shared with third parties for this purpose. In all cases, we limit the sharing of users' personal information internally on a need-to-know basis for the purpose of filling customer orders. Some information like a customer's name and addressed are shared with shipping companies for the purpose of delivering orders, as described in our Privacy Policy.

User Consent and Opting-out

Allparts has no way to collect a user's personal information unless that user provides it to us. Users must create an account to order through our website. Users that create an customer account are opting in / giving consent to Allparts to collect and retain that information. The information collected through account creation can be viewed on the Create an Account page. accounts are deleted after three years of inactivity. Users can have their account deleted at any time by visiting our Contact Page or calling us at +1-713-466-6414.

Determination of Residency

We use the address information supplied to us by users to determine if they reside in the European Union. If a user believes that their address information is insufficient for us to make a determination of residency, the user should visit our Contact Page or call us at +1-713-466-6414 to clarify.


All data submitted through is encrypted using the SHA-256 cryptographic hash algorithm; only the website has the ability to decrypt these data, at which point the data are automatically used to create users' accounts and orders. In the very rare event that users' data were collected while in transit to the website, that data would be encrypted, unrecognizable, and unusable to the intercepting party.

Your Right to Access Data Collected on You

Allparts will provide any user residing in the European Union with a complete record of that user's collected data upon request. Visiting our Contact Page or call us at +1-713-466-6414 to make this request.

Notification of Data Breach

In the event of a data breach, Allparts will notify all affected users residing in the European Union by the email they provided to us within 72 hours.

User Right to Erasure / Right to be Forgotten

At a user's request, Allparts will permanently delete all data on that user. Visit our Contact Page or call us at +1-713-466-6414 to make this request.

Data Portability

At a user's request, Allparts will provide a way for that user to move their data from Allparts to another party. Visit our Contact Page or call us at +1-713-466-6414 to make this request.