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A la VegaTrem

Knowing the space available to install a mobile bridge on electric guitars such as Stratocaster or Telecaster, the first thing one might think of is a compass saw and sandpaper, nevertheless, that was not our plan at VegaTrem. Our working method is based on absolute respect to these iconic guitars, knowing many of them might have been on planet Earth for up to 70 years.

Our primary goal being to maintain the precious bodies of these guitars intact, we work tirelessly to find technical solutions that would allow us to bring the tremolo sound where others can only achieve doing traumatic operations that degrades the value of the precious TL and ST Style bodies.



VegaTrem was born from the passion of a guitarist, Isaac Vega, for the electric guitar and thousands of hours spent on stage. That background is the key to understand how VegaTrem projects emerge and mature, always with the spirit of a guitarist who loves both his job and his instrument. As a result, with all VegaTrem products, respect is the maximum value that imbues all processes, from the selection of materials to the final product.


At VegaTrem we work, since day one, prioritizing the sustainability in our construction processes. Indeed, our tremolos are completely sustainable product oriented, as the VT1 and VT2 are the perfect accessories to maintain up to date, and in top shape, musicians so appreciated classic guitar bodies by for their musicality. A direct contribution to the re-use electric guitar bodies that helps to maintain the planet’s forests. A concrete, applicable and practical response, promoting without a doubt, a socially and ecologically fairer circular economy.
Minimizing the ecological impact of VegaTrem products leads us to almost completely avoid the use of plastics as well as centralizing our manufacturing, finishing, assembly and packaging processes in order to reduce transport’s carbon footprint of as much as possible.