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Allparts Fret Bender with Adjustable Radius

SKU LT-1812-000

The Fret Bender / Un-bender was designed to bend and straighten either bulk fret wire or shorter pre-cut frets precisely and fast. The edges of the bender act as radius gauges to help check the radius of the fret wire after bending.  There are 5 different radiuses built into the bender – 7.25”, 9.5”, 12”, 14”, and 16”.  For Bending fret wire, position the 2 rollers that are under the larger black wheel (The default assembly you received). To straighten the fret wire, use the included allen key to remove the right-side roller and mount it in the top left threaded hole. The radius of fret wire can be adjusted by turning the thumbwheel on the top.  Made of Aluminum, it can be mounted to the workbench by using provided 2 screws. Allen key included.

  • Bends and straightens fret wire
  • Edges of fret bender are radiused to the 5 most common fretboard radiuses.
    •  7.25”
    •   9.5”
    • 12”
    •  14” 
    • 16”
  • Brass thumb wheel easily allows you to change the bender’s radius.
  •  Can easily be held in place by a vice, or it can be mounted directly to a bench with the provided screws.
  •  Made of hard coated aluminum.
  • Comes with mounting screws and 4mm allen wrench.