G&W Trem Claw Drill Jig with Bit - GW-SCHDJ

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black square shaped gig claw and 2 screws
Regular price $112.99 USD
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When installing a tremolo bridge onto a new guitar there’s a lot of things you need to be careful with.  One of them being the spring claw placement. For starters, you don’t want the claw to be off-center. You will also need easy access to the screws that hold the claw in place when making adjustments during set up. With this little, inexpensive jig, you can get the perfect angle and position for the spring claw each time you need to install one. The G&W Spring Claw Hole Drilling Jig features 2 claw screw spacings, 34mm (common for Fender®) and 29.5mm, making it suitable for both vintage and modern style trem systems.  The drilling holes are made at an exact 6-degree angle to allow you an easy access to the screws when fitting them into the body.

Simply mark the center line, lock the jig in place with double-sided tape or with the 2 included wood screws and drill the holes with the included long 3mm drill bit.  The spacing to be used must always be on the bottom side.

Features and Specifications
  • Made of aluminum
  • Dimensions: 50mm x 50mm x 30mm
  • Drills holes at an exact 6-degree angle
  • Offers 2 different claw screw spacings to accommodate vintage and modern applications
  • Etched centerline for easy installation
  • Includes mounting screws and 250mm long 3mm drill bit