Goldo Cliphaus Tuners - 3x3, Nickel

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3x3 tuner front single view nickel
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Göldo Cliphaus Tuners - 3x3 (MFG# MGDCH3N)

The ClipHaus concept goes back to tuning machines from the 60s.  The rear housing, visually reminiscent of the roof of a house, is a clip made of spring steel which presses the worm shaft against the gearwheel, resulting in a completely backlash-free movement. The housing, including the steel clip, is stamped from a steel sheet with extreme precision and reduces the weight of a set of ClipHaus tuners by about 100g compared to tuners with cast housings.  In addition, these tuners employ Göldo’s ingenious patented "push-through” technology where the string is inserted through the shaft from the top of the tuner and can then be clipped off at the back of the tuner housing.

Features and Specifications

  • Orientation: 3x3 format
  • Gear Ratio: 15:1
  • Worm Gear: Steel
  • Gear: Brass
  • Bass Plate and Housing: Steel
  • Button Style: Large Metal Sqaure-Style
  • Vintage aesthetics give your guitar a classy, retro look.
  • Hardware Included: 6 press-fit bushings 12 screws