Goldo Deluxe 4D Bass Bridge, 4 String

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4 string bridge top view gold
Regular price $119.99 USD
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The base plate of the Göldo 4D Bass Bridge (MFG# HWG4) is machined from solid brass. The strings lie on fat steel wheels, which can be moved sideways to adjust the desired string spacing. After all adjustment work has been done, the saddles are fixed into position with set screws located on both the treble and bass sides of the bridge. This locks the individual parts together to create impeccable vibrational transfer, improving tone and sustain.  

Features and Specifications
  • Base Plate Material:  Machined brass
  • Saddle Material:  Zinc w/ steel roller
  • Outside Dimensions (L, W, H):  84mm x 57mm x 12mm
  • String Spacing: can accommodate 53 - 60mm
  • Restring Type - Top loading only
  • Side grub screws lock saddles in place
  • Includes mounting screws and hex wrenches