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A compound radiused fretboard offers a more rounded feel at the nut and a flatter feel as you get closer to the heel of the neck. The purpose of having this feature is to offer all the comfort of a rounded fretboard when chording, but also give you the ease of soloing on a flatter fretboard which is more noticeable while bending strings. Another added feature of having a compound fretboard, particularly noticeable on bass necks, is that it gives a little more leeway with string action, allowing you to get the strings closer to the fretboard without getting fret “buzz.” Having the strings lower to the fretboard causes less stress on the neck and allows for better string bending action and an overall more comfortable feel. For this reason, many of our bass necks feature a compound radius of 7.25” at the nut and 10” at the heel. Yet another feature that sets Allparts and Allparts licensed necks a cut above the rest!


· Easier for chording closer to the nut

· Easier for solos and string bending closer to the heel

· Lower string action/less stress on neck

· Over-all more comfortable feel