Goldo 3-Point Vario Steel Saddle Bridge

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Göldo 3-Point Vario Steel Saddle Bridge (MFG# HWG2)

As we know from a reliable source, the very first Tune-o-matic® Bridge designed by Ted McCarty in 1954 looked quite different from the bridge that would go down in guitar history as the classic Gibson® Tune-o-matic bridge. In this archetypal version, Ted is said to have held the string saddles in position with a few simple conical spiral springs but finally decided on a single spring clip to fix them in place. This was much cheaper to manufacture than the six individual springs and cut assembly time down drastically.

In addition, on the classic Tune-o-Matic bridge, the six screws for adjusting the intonation are anchored in the housing on the side opposite the screw heads. This means that the string saddles rest on four points - the two screw ends and the two side "shoulders". Which in turn caused tipping and rattling of the saddles. 

We, here at Göldo, have now integrated the good elements of the original Tune-o-matic bridge into a new, innovative bridge unit and cut the intonation screws to length in such a way that they don't touch the opposite edge of the housing, so that each string saddle only rests on three points - which gave this bridge its name. The result is an optimally solid construction that offers the best basis for a firmly articulated, sustain-rich and dynamic sound since no component can tilt or rattle which wastes vibrational energy from the string!

This bridge also features stainless steel saddles that lessen string breakage and offer a clear, articulate tone. To accommodate virtually all Tune-o-matic applications, one of the two 4mm holes for the mounting posts is designed as a longitudinal hole so that this bridge adapts to various spacings. 

The intonation is adjusted with slotted screws which, due to their construction, point towards the tailpiece or tremolo.

Features and Specifications
  • Post Spacing:  From 72.3mm to 74.0mm
  • Diameter of Bolts: Classic 4mm
  • Saddle Material:  Stainless steel
  • Bridge Material:  Zinc and aluminum alloy
  • 3-point design eliminates saddle tipping and rattling
  • 6 individual conical springs hold saddles in place
  • includes mounting hardware and hex wrench.