Leo Quan Badass FTT™ Fine Tuner Trapeze Tailpiece, Nickel

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Back in 1972, musician, innovator, and luthier Glen Quan saw the need for higher-quality guitar and bass bridges. With help from Leo Malliari of Leo’s Music in Oakland, CA, the first “Badass” bridges were born. “Leo Quan Badass” bridges were manufactured from a high-density Zinc alloy and offered improved attack, sustain and note-clarity. Badass® bridges quickly gained a following with artists looking to upgrade their Fender® basses and were ultimately featured on several Fender artist signature models. Through the ‘80’s, BC Rich, Spector and Kramer featured Badass bridges as original equipment on their instruments and artist acceptance continued to grow. Today, Badass is known worldwide as the standard for quality replacement hardware that will enhance the tone, playability and appearance of your guitar or bass.

BADASS FTT Trapeze Tailpiece

Perfect for hollow body guitar players, The Badass FTT™ Trapeze Tailpiece allows players to sweeten tunings and make micro adjustments to compensate for lower tuning machine gear ratios.  This comes in handy for vintage guitars using tuners that have 14:1 and lower gear ratios. 


  • Offers on-the-fly and precise micro-adjustments for the ultimate in tuning accuracy.
  • Allows for the “sweetening” of tunings for specific songs or chord-voicings.
  • High-density Zinc alloy offers increased attack and sustain.
  • Fits most guitar bodies already fitted for a trapeze tailpiece.
  • Ships in branded white mailer box.  

Genuine Leo Quan Badass Tailpiece, Distributed by Allparts Music Corporation.  Manufactured in Korea to exacting standards.