Vegatrem VT2 Teletrem Modern

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Hailing from Spain, the fine folks at Vegatrem have done it again!  Designed by and for guitarists, the VT2 Teletrem is a retrofit tremolo unit made to use the existing "footprint" of your favorite T-style guitar!  Coupled with high quality brass saddles and using only the finest marine grade stainless steel, the VT2 Teletrem not only gives you the option of adding a trem to your T-style guitar but will also improve your tone as well!  The VT2 Teletrem requires minimal modification to your instrument that, in most cases, can be covered up if reinstalling original bridge plate.  

 Features and Specifications
  • Replaces fixed Telecaster® bridge plate with a fulcrum trem unit
  • Retrofits onto most Telecasters® using American Standard or "Modern" bridges
  • Uses traditional Telecaster bridge plate design
  • Minimal drilling required 
  • High-quality, marine grade stainless-steel plate and trem arm.
  • 6 slotted brass saddles
  • Fulcrum pivot for low friction/noiseless trem action
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Made in Europe
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
* Not sure which tele bridge plate you have? CLICK HERE
  • VT2 Teletrem Modern unit
  • Trem arm
  • Adaptor and screws for fulcrum
  • 0.050" and 2mm allen wrenches


*more details from the manufacturer CLICK HERE