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EP-0055-000 Switchcraft #11 1/4" Input Jack
Switchcraft 1/4 inch mono #11 input jack. Includes nut and washer.
Retail Price: $3.00
EP-4276-000 Schaller Model E 5 Way Megaswitch
Schaller model E 5-way megaswitch. Includes knob and screws.
Retail Price: $22.00
LT-1400-023 Bullet™ Guitar Jack Tightener
The Bullet guitar jack tightener is a must-have accessory for every guitar player. The patented Grip-Tip™ holds the jack while tightening, preventing damage to wiring and solder joints. Fits US-sized 1/2" inch nuts for 1/4" inch jacks.
Retail Price: $15.00
Specialty Replacement Neck for Fender Guitars
Replacement neck for Stratocaster® or Telecaster® guitar. Limited quantities of flamed and / or birdseye necks.
Retail Price: $195 - $220