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BB-0335-010 Leo Quan Badass Bass II Chrome Bass Bridge

BB-0335-010 Leo Quan Badass Bass II Chrome Bass Bridge

Item No.: BB-0335-010
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The original Leo Quan Badass Bass II 4-string bass guitar bridge. High quality made in the USA steel construction with chrome finish. Discontinued.
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Temporarily Discontinued
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Type: 0335-010
Manufacturer: Leo Quan
UPC: 645208002083
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Customer Reviews
Rating An update on the Badass II, II^2, etc
Still a good functional bridge. The castings are getting kind of sloppy, and the plating is not up to par. It is still a great retrofit for any bass using a bent steel plate vintage Fender style bridge. However, some Kramer and other basses require a shim plate to raise the bridge so the saddle keys will still engage the slots. If you do not mind drilling more holes in your bass I would recommend Schaller, ABM, Kahler, or Gotoh bridges. If you have a rare colored Kramer or other vintage bass and do not want to drill more holes the Gotoh will work if the standard string spacing is used, but for short/mid scale basses with narrower string spacing the Badass is the best option. Use a .100-.125" thick aluminum plate to shim the bridge. The connectivity is still there, and sustain loss is minimal if you do it right. For the money these are still a 5 star item. (for now) The availability of Badass and limited sales exclusive to large mass production shops like Fender should knock off a star.
Reviewed by:  from Arizona/Colorado/Ohio. - 5/16/2013
Rating Makes a Fender better without making new holes
I have only one issue with Leo Quan, and that is availability. Aside from that this is a or THE best bolt on bridge that will fit a Fender pre Schaller Kramer or other bass with a Fender 5 screw mount. The II^2 bridge is also a great item. All Leo Quan stuff was quite nice. The Badass guitar bridge is now a knock off, but somehow they have kept the bass bridges alive and in house. Easy install, better tone, easier intonation, and no new holes make this a winner. Most after-market bass bridges are better than old Fender OEM stuff. This is still one of the best.
Reviewed by:  from Arizona. - 9/27/2012 5:44:00 PM
Rating very popular
and available from Leo Quan for less!
Reviewed by:  from . - 6/25/2012 8:58:00 AM
Rating Bad Ass Bridge
This is the best bass bridge i've ever used for my fender basses. Solid and fully adjustable they fit perfectly with the right string spacing and the increase in sustain is remarkable. I have used them for years and never had a problem. Hopefully now they are back they will stay available permanently.
Reviewed by:  from Mexico, MO United States. - 8/28/2011 5:52:00 PM
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