Summit Fast Bridge Clamp

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Fast Bridge c-clamp and caul
Regular price $149.82 USD
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Fast Bridge Clamp is meant for easy, fast, and accurate gluing of wooden bridges on classical and/or acoustic guitars.  The Summit Fast Bridge Clamp is a deep-C clamp and clamping caul all-in-one.  This eliminates the need for extra clamps that can crowd the sound hole while gluing down an acoustic bridge.  The bottom portion of the clamp has a base that another caul or piece of scrap wood can be adhered to or screwed in for added support.  

Features and Specifications: 

  •  Weight: 3.3 lbs,
  • Hardness: 40-45HRc 
  • Clamp Portion Dimensions:
    • L: 8-1/2"
    • W:15/16"
    • H: 6"
  • Clamping Caul Portion Dimensions (excluding pad and clamping wings):
    • L: 6-9/16"
    • W: 15/16"
    • H: 5/16"