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Returns & Exchanges

Allparts offers a generous, lenient, and common-sense return policy and procedure, but there are things the customer can do to make things difficult. Detailed here is the entirety of our return policies, which also serves as a customer guide to receiving a timely and complete refund or credit. Our return policy was last revised many years ago, and touched-up for clarity in April 2016.

Product-specific Return Policies

Some products have different return and exchange conditions due to product material, licensing agreements, special care requirements, and other factors. We're showing you the product-specific return conditions first because they supersede the general return policy described later on this page.

Pickguard Return Policy

All pickguards, pickguard blanks, spring covers, truss rod covers, and other pickguard-like products are sold with a protective film covering the material. Pickguard products must have this original film still on - having not been removed and reapplied - to be eligible for return or exchange. Do not remove the protective film until you are certain you will be keeping the product. Once the film is removed, you own the product, and it is no longer eligible for return.

Tuning Key Return Policy

All tuning keys are shipped with great care so as to keep the keys from making contact with one another and blemishing. This is done by either blister packaging or clamshell packaging the tuning keys. Tuning keys qualify for return or exchange if they have 1) not been installed and 2) are shipped back to Allparts with equally great care so as to prevent the keys from rubbing each other. We recommend wrapping each key in padding, foam, bubble wrap, or another protective material. Blemished tuning keys are trash products, and trash products are not eligible for return.

Fender, TonePros, and Gibson Product Return Policy

These products must be returned unopened, in the original packaging.

Sale and Closeout Product Return Policy

Sale and Closeout products may be sent back for exchange or store credit only; no refunds. The Product Specific and General Return Policies detailed on this page still apply to closeout products. Purchase these products at your own risk.

General Return Policy

Still-new, Resalable Products: 90 days

Returns may be accepted, and refunds or credits may be issued, within 90 days of the original purchase date. Similar to purchasing a product such as a wireless phone, products returned to Allparts should be new and in the original package to qualify for a full refund. Otherwise a restocking fee may be applied. See Restocking Fee below. Your invoice number must be provided to return a resalable product. See Proof of Purchase below.

Defective Products: 1 Year

Defective merchandise may be returned up to one year from the date of purchase provided no alterations have been made. Only send back "defective" merchandise if you have spoken with an Allparts salesperson and he/she has confirmed that the product is indeed defective. Do not decide on your own that a product is defective; it may be that you ordered the wrong part, or you ordered the correct part but are not using / installing it correctly, or something else entirely. Products returned as defective which are not defective will be subject to a restocking fee and the return shipping charges will not be reimbursed or credited. See Restocking Fee below. Your invoice number must be provided to return defective products. See Proof of Purchase below.

Proof of Purchase

Because Allparts is a distributor and supplier and our products are often resold and change ownership, proof of purchase from Allparts is required for all returns and exchanges. Otherwise we don't know when you purchased the product, how much credit you are due, or if you purchased it from Allparts in the first place. Acceptable proofs of purchase include the original invoice, copy of invoice, invoice number, or web order number. It is the customer's responsibility to provide this information; we just don't have the personnel and resources to scour months of transactions looking for a single line item. Please perform your due diligence as a buyer and retain your purchase information. Place your paper invoice in the bottom of your sock drawer and walk away - that's all there is to it.

Restocking Fee

Non-defective products returned with damaged or open packaging, packaging that has been written on, or packaging stickered for resale must be repackaged individually by Allparts' staff. This takes time, halts the current mass-packaging process, requires human intervention, and therefore incurs a restocking fee of up to 15% of the purchase price.

Return Shipping Costs

The customer is responsible for return shipping costs unless the return is the result of a mistake by Allparts. If you purchase something that doesn't fit, purchase the wrong product, or simply change your mind, then you must pay to ship the product back to Allparts. If you order Product A and Allparts sends Product B, or Product A arrives damaged, then Allparts will send you a prepaid mailer or make some other arrangement to facilitate your return of the product.

Third Party Purchases: eBay, Amazon, Dealers, etc.

Customers who have purchased Allparts products from an Allparts dealer, eBay or Amazon transaction, or other third party seller must return those products to that specific seller or dealer. Allparts Music Corp. does not sell on eBay, Amazon, or any online marketplace other than our own webstore at, but our dealers and individual resellers do. If you purchased a product from some place other than, then you purchased from a dealer or reseller and any product, payment, or service issues should be addressed by that seller.