Rhynowet Sanding Sheets - 10 sheet pack

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Indasa PlusLine Rhynowet Wet and Dry Sanding Sheets (1 & 2 Series) feature a waterproof, anti-slip latex backing that's light weight and durable, resulting in an abrasive sheet that not only offers high-quality finishing but is highly flexible as well, making it an excellent choice for wet and dry sanding applications.

PlusLine features a lubricated coating to resist clogging, and slightly more open grain distribution, resulting in a longer working lifespan, particularly on softer materials.

Available in the following grits:

  • 320
  • 400
  • 600
  • 800
  • 1000
  • 1500

Application Suggestions

  • Wet and dry sanding 
  • Sanding and finishing of primers, top and clear coats, composite materials, and wooden surfaces

Features and Benefits:

  • Waterproof latex anti-slip backing
  • Offers high flexibility
  • Provides high quality finish 
  • Aluminum Oxide for grits 320-400, Silicon Carbide for grits 600-1,500
  • 9"x11" sheets