Allparts Pickup Winding Wire - #42 Awg Formvar - 0.5lb

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Formvar magnet wire is made from vinyl acetal resins produced as a smooth uniform film. Formvar has excellent mechanical properties such as abrasion resistance and flexibility. This period correct wire was used widely in vintage Fender® single coil pickups from the '50s and '60s and is commonly used today in many of the reissue and custom shop guitar pickups.

Features and Specifications

  • #42 AWG
  • 1/2lb spool
  • Commonly used on vintage Fender® single coil pickups.
  • Tonally favors low frequencies while scooping the mid range
  • Thicker coating equals less length wrapped around the bobbin for lower output vintage tone. 
  • Thicker coating contributes to longevity and reliability.
  • Thicker wire offers a clearer, well-balanced tone as more frequency can pass along the thicker wire.

Make sure to scrape wire ends with sandpaper or a razor in order to solder leads.