Advanced Plating Compensated Telecaster® Brass Saddles (set of 3)

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The Advanced Plating Compensated Saddles for Telecaster® are a 5/16" diameter solid brass saddles that offer all the twang and snap you've come to love but with accurate intonation and reduced string noise.  These saddles also feature height adjustment screws that have rounded base to allow for better contact with bridge plate and include the mounting screws and springs.  

Features and Specifications
  • Saddle Type:  3 barrel-style compensated saddles
  • Saddle Material:  Brass
  • Saddle Diameter:  5/16"
  • Made in the USA

TP-0020-001-P plate featured in photo is sold separately.

About Advanced Plating

Established in 1962 Advanced Plating set out to provide “The World’s Finest Chrome” specializing in the restoration of automotive brightwork.  From their facility in Nashville, TN, they offer all types of metal plating and produce professional-grade guitar and bass hardware for some of the biggest names in the business.