Fret Slotting Miter Box with 2 Scales

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Used with a fret saw for cutting fret slots, the Fret Slotting Miter Box uses ball bearing guides that allow the fret saw to make faster, more precise cuts.  The Fret Slotting Miter Box keeps the fret saw perpendicular to the fingerboard, and the ball bearing unit can be adjusted left and right to match the blade thickness. Cutting depth is also adjustable by turning the top thumbwheels.  Accommodating fingerboards up to 10mm thick and 74mm wide, this aluminum Fret Slotting Miter Box has 3 mounting holes for attaching the miter box to your workbench. 

This miter box includes 2 templates for use, instructions, mounting screws and spanners.  The templates are indexed with the locating pin installed in the box and make for a quick fret sawing job.  Includes Fender scale (25" & 25.5") and Gibson scale (24.625" & 24.75").

Click here to download the set up and usage guide for the Fret Slotting Miter Box!