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Handheld Fret Press - Includes (4) Neck Supports & (9) Cauls

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Our handheld fret press is a professional and convenient fret press tool.  Using this tool is much easier than a regular fret press and gives you finer control of the pressure applied when seating a fret into the slot. The jaws can be adjusted by using the thumbwheel at the end of the handle.  It opens wide enough for any neck and the upper caul is self-leveling. The white plastic neck supports include a protection pad, and different supports can be swapped-out quickly using the quick release pin.

Included Fret Cauls:
  • 6" Radius
  • 25" Radius
  • 5" Radius
  • 10" Radius
  • 12" Radius
  • 14" Radius
  • 16" Radius
  • 20" Radius
  • Flat
Included Neck Supports: 
  • Standard - for guitar and bass
  • Flat - for neck heels
  • Wide - for classical guitar
  • Small - for ukulele, mandolin and banjo