Pickup Leslee for Jazzmaster

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The Pickup LesLee®

The Pickup LesLee circuit is a new and revolutionary approach to creating effects.  Tremolo and Vibe effects are generated from alternating your neck and bridge pickup signals – not from applying an effect to your signal the way you would if you were using pedals.  This approach preserves the character of your guitar’s tone while offering rich and dynamic tremolo and phasing effects simply by plugging into an amplifier with a standard guitar cable.  On/Off and speed controls are present at your fingertips, and even richer swirling soundscapes can be achieved by switching to stereo-mode and plugging into two amplifiers with the included stereo Y cable!

Pickup LesLee® for Jazzmaster®

The Pickup LesLee system perfectly repurposes the Jazzmaster rhythm circuit using its controls for ON/OFF, speed and intensity while a push-pull master tone control switches between mono and stereo modes. 


  • Revolutionary new approach to “effects”.  Tremolo and Vibe tones are generated from alternating the neck and bridge pickup signals – NOT from applying an effect to your tone the way you would if you were using pedals.
  • Revolutionary new approach to onboard electronics in that the circuit is powered by a rechargeable super-capacitor instead of an onboard battery.  No extra routing for a 9-volt battery required!
  • Easily accessible tremolo / auto-stutter, and phaser effects with speed control from your guitar.
  • Fits into most control cavities without modification.  
  • Completely invisible once installed.  The look of your guitar remains unchanged.  100% reversible. 
  • All-analog switching circuit preserves your original passive pickup signals and is true bypass when disengaged.
  • Produced with premium components guaranteed to preserve or even enhance your tone!
  • Optional Stereo operation. 3-meter TRS split stereo cable included.
  • Powered by a rechargeable custom-made super-capacitor with a 50 – 100-year lifespan. 
  • Included outboard 9-volt battery connector allows for recharging in 10 seconds!
  • 10 second charge provides roughly 8 hours of play time and one week of stand-by time. 
  • Designed on collaboration with Matthias Grob (Paradis Guitars) and Frank Deimel (Deimel Guitars).
  • Produced in Germany.

    Pickup Leslee Includes

    • Pickup Leslee onboard circuit
    • 9volt recharging cable
    • 3-meter TRS split stereo cable
    • Wiring instructions

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