Collection: Shipping

Drop Shipping

Allparts does not offer drop shipping. All dealer orders must ship to that dealer's receiving address, not to that dealer's customer. We apologize for any resulting inconveniences.

Shipping Rates

In some cases you may purchase an item that ships separately due to large size or unconventional shape. In these cases the actual shipping amount may vary from what is displayed on this website. Your final invoice will reflect all charges.

Dimensional Weight and Inaccurate Website Rates

Most shipping methods use the package's dimensional weight to calculate shipping rates. Orders containing large or irregularly shaped products may result in higher shipping costs that may not be be calculated correctly by our website at the time of checkout. In such cases we will contact the customer for an additional payment.  Items known to increase the cost of expedited shipping methods include bodies, necks, fret boards, fret wire, truss rods, pickguards, and pickguard blanks.

Order Shipping Date

Allparts begins processing an order the following business day. In most cases orders are shipped the business day after they are placed. We strive to ship all orders within 3 - 7 days.

Same-Day Shipping

Same-day shipping is only available to customers who place an order with an expedited shipping method by 1:00 PM Central Time.

PO Boxes

FedEx will not deliver to a PO Box.  Customers with PO Boxes should contact us to arrange another shipping method.

Mail Forwarding / Rented US Mailboxes

Allparts does not ship to mailboxes hosted by mail forwarding services for the purpose of international delivery. Orders identified as being purposed for international forwarding will be cancelled and, if possible, the pending payment authorization will be reversed. Please visit to order from an Allparts International Distributor near you.

FedEx Ground Transit Time

Delayed Processing

Allparts may contact you to request more information or feedback from you prior to processing your order. Failure to respond to these information requests may result in unnecessary delays in processing your order. Allparts may request more information from you in order to:

  • Verify your billing or shipping address
  • Confirm recipient availability
  • Request your preference in handling a product not in stock
  • Address security or fraud concerns

Opting to have Allparts hold an order until all items are available will, of course, delay order processing.

COD Surcharge

(Dealers only) The COD payment option available to Allparts Dealers is accompanied by a $13.50 fee.

This fee is charged by FedEx - not Allparts. The COD fee is not reflected on order confirmations, web orders, or invoices.  If you choose to pay by COD, you will need to write a check drawn on a business account for the amount of your order plus $13.50.

Redirected Packages

Packages that are redirected or intercepted after shipment due to customer error are subject to a $16.00 address correction fee. This fee is charged by FedEx, not Allparts.

Shipping Limitations and Exceptions

Due to manufacturer policies, shipper policies, and federal regulations, some products have shipping exceptions.

US-Only Products

These products can not ship outside the US:

  • Organic Mother of Pearl products with -080 suffixes.
  • Organic Abalone products with -081 suffixes.
  • MK-3178, MK-3179, and MK-3181 knobs with organic shell material.

Highly Flammable Products

These products can not ship via USPS; they can only be shipped by FedEx ground-based methods.

LT-1456 series, LT-1486-081

Glues and Sprays
LT-1105-000, LT-1108-000, LT-1138-000, LT-4241-000

All nitrocellulose products (-046 suffix, and necks with "NF" in their code).

Body Templates
LT-1920-000, LT-1921-000

Brand Agreement Restrictions

Shipping of these branded products must comply with policies set by their respective manufacturer.

All Fender® licensed necks must ship at retail price to Australia, regardless of Allparts customer account type.

TonePros® - Shipping is limited to the following countries:

  • All nations of Africa
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Denmark
  • Israel
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • United States of America
  • Ukraine