Allparts Pickup Winding Wire - #42 Awg Enamel - 0.5lb

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Plain Enamel Magnet Wire, known as oleoresinous enamel, was one of the first film insulations developed more than 75 years ago and is still in use today in a variety of electronic components.  Plain enamel wire was used in vintage pickups from the '50s and '60s and is commonly used today in many of the reissue and custom shop guitar pickups. This wire is mainly used in winding guitar pickups today and is a favorite among many custom pickup shops. Plain Enamel Magnet Wire is known for its dark purple, brownish tint and is manufactured to single-build dimensional standards. 

Features and Specifications

  • #42 AWG
  • 1/2lb spool
  • Commonly used on reissue or vintage style pickups.
  • Tonally has a tighter low end with more clarity.
  • Thinner coating allows more length of wire to be wrapped around the bobbin for a stronger signal and higher output. 
  • Offers a clearer, well-balanced tone as more frequency can pass along the thicker wire.

Make sure to scrape wire ends with sandpaper or a razor in order to solder leads.