Allparts Select "Licensed by Fender®" AAA+ Roasted Flame Maple Vintage Spec Replacement Neck for Stratocaster® - Nitro Finish - Soft V Shape

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Allparts Select 

Allparts “Select” represents the very best Allparts has to offer in terms of quality, features, and exclusivity.  Produced in limited batches using only the finest materials, our Select series replacement necks offer compelling combinations of highly desirable specifications and high-end appointments.     

Model Overview 

Officially licensed by Fender® and made to exacting quality standards in Japan using AAA+ Roasted Flame Maple, this Select series “Vintage Spec” neck honors the golden age of electric guitar production.  Featuring a 7.25" fretboard radius, vintage narrow frets, and a soft V-shaped neck profile, this neck is perfect for fans of early production Stratocaster® models, or players who play with their thumb over the fretboard.  Finished with tinted nitro (over poly) to accentuate the visual qualities of the flamed maple, this neck offers a truly custom level of beauty, comfort, and stability.    

What’s AAA+? 

Every unit with this designation is at least AAA grade flame maple, with many units actually exceeding the standard.  We inspect each unit post-production to make certain the finished product is worthy of our AAA guarantee. 

Why Roasted? 

Roasting the wood blanks prior to production enhances stability by reducing the moisture content down to around 7%.  The result is a more-resonant neck that’s stronger and less susceptible to changing weather conditions.  Roasting (or cooking) flamed maple also enhances the visual depth of the flame, accentuating the uniqueness of each neck.       

Features and Specifications:

  • Series: “Vintage Spec” = Truss rod adjustment at heel and vintage spec throughout
  • Scale Length: 25.5"
  • Neck Profile Shape: Soft V
  • Frets: 21 vintage (0.079" x 0.043")
  • Wood: 1-Piece AAA+ roasted flame maple
  • Finish: Polyurethane base (1 coat) with tinted nitrocellulose lacquer topcoat
  • Fretboard Radius: 7.25"
  • Inlays: Black fretboard and side dots
  • Nut Width: 1-5/8"
  • Heel Width: 2-3/16"
  • Heel Shape: Round
  • Tuning Peg Holes: Vintage 2-step hole
    • 0.34" (8.5mm) bushing-hole diameter
    • 0.25" (6.5mm) post-hole diameter
  • Truss Rod Adjustment Location: Heel
  • Neck Thickness:
    • 0.91" at first fret
    • 0.98" at twelfth fret


Important Notes
  • Wood grain varies from neck to neck.  Your neck may differ slightly from what is pictured.
  • All necks have a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • All necks may require fret leveling and polish.  This is normal and not a defect.
  • To protect against the effects of moisture, we recommend sealing unfinished necks prior to installation.
  • This neck is licensed to Allparts Music Corporation by Fender ® Musical Instruments under a quality control trademark license.  Allparts Music Corporation is not affiliated with Fender ® and no Fender® warranty applies.