TonePros Bridge

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The TonePros T3BT is a locking Nashville style bridge with “easy to use” features like intonation adjustment on the pickup side, phillips head saddle adjustment screws, and pre-notched saddles, large posts, and metric thread. This model fits most guitars made overseas.


  • Thread: 8mm x 1.25 Metric
  • Post to Post Spacing: 74mm
  • Saddle Notch: Pre-Notched Saddles
  • Saddle Material: Zamak
  • Bridge Material: Zamak
  • Post/Thumbwheel Material: Brass
  • Radius: 12 inch
  • String Spread: Approx. 10.4mm
  • Post Top Width: .23 Inches/ 6mm (Metric Flathead Post Top)

***TonePros products can not be shipped outside the US or Canada. Visit to find a dealer in your country.