Goldo LT2 Tremolo

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tailpiece trem and hardware top view nickel
Regular price $109.99 USD
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The Göldo LT2 (MFG# TLT2) is a tailpiece tremolo that can be swapped with a stop tailpiece with no drilling, milling, or modifications required! Like the Göldo LT1, this tremolo simply attaches to the two existing threaded tailpiece bushings with the supplied screws, but the LT2 comes with a flat arm that gives off a sleeker and more elegant look.  Included are both metric and SAE studs so this trem can be used with US or Import spec guitars.  Matching hex keys and an 8mm open-end wrench for the tremolo arm nut are included as well. The distance between the tailpiece studs should be 81.5 mm, measured from center to center.

Features and Specifications
    • Retrofits most stop tailpieces
    • Stud Spacing: 3-1/4" (81.5mm center to center)
    • Includes Metric and SAE studs:  M8 and 5/16-24
    • Includes hex wrenches, 8mm open wrench, stud, and washers.