Goldo VarioClamp Bridge

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varioclamp bridge front view with hardware nickel
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The Göldo VarioClamp Bridge (MFG# HWGV) is an elegant tunematic bridge with a completely new design that offers impressive string separation and brilliance!  The base of the VarioClamp is made of a special aluminum alloy, while the saddles are made of hardened stainless steel. The saddles sit in slots made into the bridge and are locked into fixed positions from above with fine spring steel plates, uniting the saddles and bridge into a compact piece without any moving parts to help improve sustain.  The mounting post hole on the right side (treble side) of the bridge was designed as a longitudinal hole underneath so that the Vario Clamp Bride is replacement-compatible for most conventional tunematic bridges.

To adjust the intonation, simply loosen the locking screws holding the saddles down from above and move each saddle to its optimal position. Once intonated correctly, tighten the screw back down to lock the saddle in place. 

Features and Specifications
  • Dimensions (L x B x H):  86 x 14 x 13.0mm
  • String Spacing:  53mm
  • Stud Spacing:  Between 72.3 and 74.5mm.
  • Bridge Material:  Aluminum alloy
  • Saddle Material:  Hardened steel
  • Saddles lock into fixed positions
  • Includes the mounting studs, anchors, and 2mm allen wrench