Leo Quan® Badass Wraparound™ Guitar Bridge with Metric Locking Stud

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gold wraparound guitar bridge
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Back in 1972, musician, innovator, and luthier Glen Quan saw the need for higher-quality guitar and bass bridges. With help from Leo Malliari of Leo’s Music in Oakland, CA, the first “Badass” bridges were born. “Leo Quan Badass” bridges were manufactured from a high-density Zinc alloy and offered improved attack, sustain and note-clarity. Badass® bridges quickly gained a following with artists looking to upgrade their Fender® basses and were ultimately featured on several Fender artist signature models. Through the ‘80’s, BC Rich, Spector and Kramer featured Badass bridges as original equipment on their instruments and artist acceptance continued to grow. Today, Badass is known worldwide as the standard for quality replacement hardware that will enhance the tone, playability and appearance of your guitar or bass.

BADASS Wraparound™

Originally designed as a direct replacement for Gibson® “wraparound” bridges, the Badass Wraparound offers enhanced attack and sustain, and the ability to intonate each string individually.  Famously employed by Jimmy Page, Malcolm Young, Tony Iommi, Keith Richards, and Paul Reed Smith, the Badass Wraparound became “the bridge” for players looking to improve their tone and tuning-accuracy.  Now upgraded with premium locking studs, the Badass Wraparound will enhance the performance of any Les Paul® Junior, Les Paul® Special, Melody Maker® or similar guitar. 


  • M8-1.25 metric studs for use with Epiphone® models and other import brands.
  • SAE version available. Click here.
  • High-density Zinc alloy offers increased attack and sustain.
  • Slotted, individual string saddles ensure accurate intonation.
  • 2-1/16" string spacing
  • 3-1/4" stud spacing 
  • Advanced Plating color-matched locking posts eliminate “bridge tip” and enhance resonance and sustain.  Click here.
  • Allen wrench stud height adjustment reduces the risk of scratching the body during adjustment.
  • Anchors and adjustment tools included.
  • Ships in retail-ready packaging

Genuine Leo Quan Badass Bridge, Distributed by Allparts Music Corporation.  Bridge manufactured in Korea to exacting standards.  Studs and Anchors manufactured in the USA by Advanced Plating.  Locking studs are patent pending.  Statements referencing use by artists and manufacturers are only intended to convey historical fact and do not imply endorsement or ongoing use of this product.


Jimmy Page
Malcolm Young
Tony Iommi 1 Tony Iommi 2
Keith Richards

 Tech Tip:

  • Locking cap needs to be hand-tightened only.  Over-torquing the cap can cause it to shear off.
  • Locking cap MUST be loosened in order to adjust bridge/tailpiece height.