TK-0931 Single Schaller M4 180 Light Bass Tuner

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Regular price $57.20 USD
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Single Schaller M4 180 (light) sealed bass key, with hardware, 20:1.

Elegance and lightness for electric basses

Experience the lighter side of heavy duty. The M4 180 light tuning machine for electric basses - legendary Schaller quality at a stunning 40% less weight. Its specs, looks and superior performance define this tuner as a true no-compromise when it comes to weight reduction.

  • A special female screw guarantees precise positioning and fixing of the shaft.
  • High gear ratio of 1:20 ensures a very precise tuning.
  • All sealed tuners are lubricated with Schaller special grease for lifetime maintenance-free service.
  • All parts are precision-crafted and surface-finished, the self-locking drive ensures an even, delicate and steady tuning.
  • All string posts are made of high-grade brass and fitted into the housing with utmost precision, ensuring the best possible tuning accuracy and wear resistance.

Technical specification

  • Gear ratio: 1:20
  • Weight: 52 g per piece
  • Screw lug: 180 degree