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Allparts “Licensed by Fender®” TMNF-FAT Replacement Neck for Telecaster®


Our TMNF-FAT replacement neck for Telecaster® is “officially licensed by Fender®” and made to exacting quality standards in Japan.  Thicker than the TMNF-C, this neck will appeal to fans of chunky “baseball bat” necks.  With a modern 9.5” fretboard radius and 21 vintage-tall frets, this neck offers a modern and comfortable playing experience.  Over-sprayed with a vintage-tinted nitrocellulose finish, our TMNF-FAT offers a great combination of chunkiness, vintage aesthetics and feel with modern playability.  


  • Scale Length: 25.5"
  • Neck Profile Shape: Chunky C
  • Frets: 21 vintage frets (.079" x .053")
  • Wood: 1-piece maple
  • Finish: polyurethane base (1 coat) with nitrocellulose lacquer topcoat
  • Fretboard Radius:  9.5
  • Inlays: Black fretboard and side marker dots
  • Nut Width: 1-5/8"
  • Heel Width: 2-3/16"
  • Heel Shape: Square
  • Tuning Peg Holes: Vintage 2-step hole
    • 0.34" (8.5mm) bushing-hole diameter
    • 0.25" (6.5mm) post-hole diameter
  • Truss Rod Adjustment Location: Heel
  • Neck Thickness:
    • 0.99" at first fret
    • 1.00" at twelfth fret

Important Notes

  • Wood grain varies from neck to neck.  Your neck may differ slightly from what is pictured.
  • All necks have a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • All necks may require fret leveling and polish.  This is normal and not a defect.
  • To protect against the effects of moisture, we recommend sealing unfinished necks prior to installation.
  • This neck is licensed to Allparts Music Corporation by Fender ® Musical Instruments under a quality control trademark license.  Allparts Music Corporation is not affiliated with Fender ® and no Fender ® warranty applies.