Tonepros ABR-1 Style Tunematic Bridge with Pre-Notched

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nickel Tunematic Bridge with Pre-Notched Saddles
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The TonePros AVR2P is the exact replacement for the bridges found on older or vintage instruments originally fitted with ABR-1 style bridges. This locking model has the complete appearance of the vintage part, but has many upgrades including more intonation range and saddles that are “engineered in” solid, preventing “lift” against the retainer wire. Retrofit for most Vintage and reissued USA guitars without modification. Extra tight construction eliminates rattles and improves sustain. The TonePros AVR2P comes with pre-notched saddles.

  • Thread: 6/32 US Thread (ABR1 Thread)
  • Post to Post Spacing: 2.91 Inches/ 73.75mm
  • Saddle Notch: Pre-Notched Saddles
  • Saddle Material: Brass
  • Bridge Material: Zamak
  • Post/Thumbwheel Material: Brass
  • Radius: 12 inch

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