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TK-7950 Hipshot GT2 Guitar Extender for Schaller Tuner

SKU TK-7950-002


Take your music to a new low with our Hipshot guitar extender key GT2 for Schaller. With the flip of a lever, your low E string can go down to D, C or even B (depending on your string gauge).  Couple it with our Grip-Lock™ option for serious tuning stability. Allparts #TK-7950. 

  • Compatible with our UMP™ system, no drilling or filling of your headstock
  • Classic (non-locking) version for traditional styling or Grip-Lock™ for maximum tuning stability
  • Available with DoubleStop system for 3 total tunings
  • Retrofits guitars equipped with Schaller® M6 Mini tuning machines