Certano T-Bender™ B&G Bender Bridge for Tele®

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Certano T-Bender™

The Certano T-Bender allows Telecaster® players to bend the B or G string a half or whole step up to achieve glistening pedal steel tones and expressive chord voicings. Installation is super-simple and 100% reversible. No routing is required. Compensated brass saddles offer classic tone and accurate intonation, and tension-loaded arms can be set for maximum comfort or moved out of the way entirely. Simple, elegant and complete, the Certano T-Bender is the ultimate B and G bender solution.


  • Drop-in replacement for most vintage-spec Telecaster bodies. 100% reversible.
  • Bends B and G strings up a half or whole step.  Levers can be used independently or in combination.    
  • Tension-loaded stainless-steel arms for perfect positioning.  Ensures comfortable operation in normal playing position.    
  • Compensated brass saddles for accurate intonation and vintage tone.
  • 2-1/8" String spacing.
  • Front-slotted intonation screws for easy adjustments.
  • Available in Nickel and Chrome.

Important Notes

  • The Certano T-Bender is exclusively manufactured and distributed by Allparts.
  • Telecaster® and Tele® are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments.
  • Certano and Allparts are not affiliated with FMIC.

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